Ways To Completly Sabotage Your Coding

I decided to play around an hour of code, I first chose a grade 2+ code to start with well, let’s just say I struggled deeply with this. I made it past the first challenge with ease. Moved on to the second challenge and here is where I struggled I tried to do what they said and I eventually got it as you can see in the picture and then moved on to the next level where I am now stuck. I have tried all they have said to do and I can not figure out what they want me to do! I am definitely not a coder. 

So, I decided to go back to the one that we were shown in class but try the other one I picked my miner in Minecraft and tried that one instead I made it past the first level with some struggle and moved on to the next one, and I have now stuck once again and can no figure out what to do. I have pictures here so I’m hoping someone can figure out what I’m doing wrong and comment so that I can try and get past this level.

I then tried another one, I tried a pre-reader one which was making shapes with code, follow along to see how that went for me. This coding took a really long time to load, I got nervous that I wouldn’t be able to get past the first level while I waited for it to load. I was able to choose between easy, medium, and hard. I choose easy as I struggle with every other coding that I have tried already. The first level was definitely very easy very my style of coding. For the third level, I thought I was being smart when I put the directions that the little monster thing would go, but I was wrong twice so I had to readjust what I put to get past the level. I then got to create my own maze, I thought I would be fancy and make it a Christmas winter-themed maze, and try to make it difficult. However, you only get so many moves to get through the maze so I had to remake the maze to something a little less complex. This was actually a lot of fun I really enjoyed it. It definitely didn’t feel like I was making code although I still don’t know how I was making code when it was so much fun and it was super easy. Needless to say, I am a beginner when it comes to code and if I ever was not that I ever will because I do not have the digital literacy for that, but a career in coding, I definitely need a lot and I mean a lot more work. 

As for importance, coding is important because it is what computers and the internet are made up of, if someone would not create the code for the internet we wouldn’t have it, therefore, it is extremely important. As for my knowing how to code, I’m not sure if I will ever use it in the future apart from showing my students this website and allowing them to play around. It mjay spark a carrer in coding for the future of one of my students. As for if they need help with a level… I will have to definitely practice in the future to be able to help my students with levels past level 1 or 2.


Digital Literacy, Something I’m Still Working On

For this blog post, I did a deep dive into the grade 3 curriculum as this is the grade that I hope to work with in the future, therefore, I wanted to become familiar with the curriculum when it comes to digital literacy. I have found that in grade 3 art there is an indicator for searching on the internet for a picture to use as a resource for their art piece, which connects to digital access. It only connects if the school has access to enough laptops or tablets for the students to use. There is also another outcome in art that allows the use of computers in the classroom with the investigation. Again this only applies if the students have access to a computer or tablet at school or at home. 

There is also an outcome in grade 3 health where asks to discuss what it means to contribute to the safety of self and others. This is a great place to talk about safety on the internet when it comes to what you are sharing or what you are searching for. This connects with Digital Health and Welfare, Digital Rights and responsibilities as well as Digital Security and Privacy.

Upon deeply looking into the grade 3 curriculum there weren’t many opportunities to teach digital literacy without first becoming creative in how you would apply this in the classroom. Meaning there are many outcomes that you can tweak to apply digital literacy and learning to but you have to think deeply about them first before applying them and making sure you are still hitting the outcomes. 

When it comes to how I will be integrating digital literacy in my classroom there are a few things that I will be implementing. I will have an online source for communication with my students and parents such as sandbox or a source like that. That way they are always in constant connection with me instead of via email because that sometimes takes longer to reply to. I believe that having constant communication with my students is important because they can feel like they can ask me any questions they may have about an assignment or homework they are working on. I will also make sure that my classroom at least 2-3 times a week keeping in mind availability will be able to use a computer or tablet. In the use of searching for a project or playing an educational game online. I will also be implementing safety lessons about using the internet at home or at school. Talking about what safety on the internet looks like. Keeping in mind of course the age that I am teaching. If I were teaching a younger group we would be talking about not sharing our locations on the internet. I strongly believe that digital literacy is important in this ever-changing world and being online has become a much more widely used thing. If you have suggestions about how to incorporate digital literacy in the classroom please leave a comment!

Tortoise Verus Acrylic Nails Who Will be Victorious

For this learning project, I decided to make a tortoise. One thing I didn’t have was black for the eyes and brown for the shell so I used red for the eyes as well as yellow for the shell. Now here’s the kicker, I recently got my nails done and boy is they long… do not I repeat do not get your nails done if you plan on a career or a hobby of balloon making. One tying the balloon was extremely difficult I had to re-tie the balloons I can’t even tell you how many times not only that but I let out the air in the balloon quite a few times and had to re-pump it a number of times. Two long nails equal balloon pops. I am glad I had quite a few yellow and green balloons because I popped so many trying to twist and fold the balloons. This was actually the hardest part about making the balloon animal, adapting to my extremely long nails.

Not only that but I quickly realized that typing on my laptop is extremely hard with nails, not that it’s not doable as I’m doing it right now, but I’ll tell you this blog post is taking me a lot longer to write with the nails. I watched this video for making the tortoise.

Now for the fun part talking about how the balloon animal actually went. This wasn’t a necessarily hard balloon animal to make when it came to the shell. It was only a couple twists and then you had to push the balloon twists through the first balloon twist to get a shell-looking thing. Now, this is what I struggled through. As I previously mentioned these nails have made balloon animal making difficult but that’s an understatement. When I tried pushing the balloon through the whole I popped it not once or twice because that wouldn’t be bad… I popped it a total of 6 times before I finally figured out how to work with these beautiful yet useless nails. Once I got the shell done I moved on to the head and feet.

This was also a struggle because you also have to make a fold with a whole and then push the balloon through again. I learnt from my mistakes before and this one only took me 3 balloons to figure it out. Once I got the head figured out I moved onto the feet. Now the first two feet went great. Then I moved to the back feet, let’s just say this tortoise has only two feet because I proceeded to try and make the back feet and my wonderful nails pooped the rest of the balloon. I’m not going to lie I may have given up at this point, I had the shell the head and two feet and decided that this tortoise for the purposes of my frustration would only have 2 feet. So there you have it a tortoise with two feet and red eyes, honestly, it’s pretty cute and I’m happy with it. I just hope the future of my balloon-making isn’t as difficult as this one was. If anyone has long nails and has any suggestions on how to type or balloon twist with these things I’d greatly appreciate that!

Pikachu or Rabbit You Decide…

For this balloon creation, I decided to really embody Halloween. I made Pikachu on a pumpkin. This was definitely one of the hardest balloon creations that I have created to this date. This balloon creation comes from a Twister Sister tutorial. They are also one of my favourite videos to watch because they are great at showing how to create the balloon and go slower than most videos. The one thing I found with these videos is that she talks a lot at the beginning of the video and you have to fast-forward to get to the actual balloon-making. 

For this balloon, you start by tying two balloons together and then start by creating the pumpkin, easy right? We’ve done this before… no definitely not any easier the 5h time around. Once you create the pumpkin you then create Pikachu. Now, the pumpkin is hard, but Pikachu is harder. Upon creating Pikachu this is where I should have taken a picture before I put the face on it because it looked like a rabbit sitting on a pumpkin instead of Pikachu. After I added the face it started to look like Pikachu although I still see a rabbit sitting on a pumpkin. I’ll let you decide which you see.

One of the hardest parts of this balloon was actually creating the tail. I struggled with creating the lightning bolt shape of the tail as you can see in the picture it looks like a straight line which is definitely not what Pikachu’s tail looks like.

Pumpkin Pumpkins All Around

This balloon creation looked rather easy to create upon watching the video the first time but I found that I am terrible at making balloon twists the same size. I had to actually make this one a couple of times because my first couple popped as I was creating it.  With this one you have to create twists then fold it over and create the same size twist again and again. This was not as easy as I thought it would be. 

As you can see in the picture, each piece of the pumpkin is a different size. I tried my best to re-create it the same way but, I eventually had to just create my own rendition of the pumpkin or I would have spent hours upon hours re-creating the pumpkin. 

For this video, I tried something a little different. All the videos I have used in the past have been English speaking and explained each step in English. For this one though I chose a video of a different language and had to read each step and watch the video over and over again till I could figure out what was happening. This was not easy. I was used to being able to listen to the person talk and follow along that way but for this video, I had to actually read the steps and try to understand what was happening. This became easier as I continued through the video. I am glad I chose a more simple balloon creation over something that was more complex. 

I enjoyed trying something new this time was a great and difficult experience.

Horse Nation

For this learning project post, I decided to use youtube again. This has become a favourite of mine in learning how to make balloon animals. I have found quite a few people on YouTube that make tutorials on how to make different balloon animals. I have found that I quite enjoy using Micheal Floyd the best when it comes to making balloon animals. He goes slower than most of the other videos I have found, as well he has a great angle of the camera when showing how to twist the balloon. I have also found that I really enjoy using YouTube because I am able to pause the video and rewind it if I need to see how something is done again. I have found that I am rewinding and rewatching the videos a lot while making the balloon animal. 

For the actual creation of the horse, I have started to get the hang of creating legs as I have done this multiple times throughout my creations of different animals. This has become one of my favourite pieces for creating the balloon animal. I found that creating the head was also an easy piece as well, as this is similar to quite a few of the other ones that I have created. 

For me though the harder piece of this balloon animal was creating the mane which was the second balloon attached to the balloon animal. I struggle with creating the right size of bubbles and also the same size of bubbles needed to create this. However, with quite a few attempts I did achieve the horse’s mane. I really enjoyed creating this balloon animal. 

If there are any animals that you want to see me create please let me know I definitely need new ideas!

Scare Tactics… Do They Work as Well as Everyone Thinks…

Cyber safety was a big thing when I was in school, but not till I was in high school. I remember using computers in elementary school for learning how to properly type and play math games online in the computer lab but that was the most they were used for. I do remember using MSN when I was in grade 7 or 8 though.

The way I remember they ingrained the safety around the computers was scare tactics. They would tell stories about people being lured into traps through the computer of people pretending to be our age. They also talked about sharing pictures online and how whatever you put online is there forever. I remember that being the one thing they repeated over and over. “what you put online… is there forever”. Honestly, I think back to the last post about Twitter and why I may be hesitant about sharing things on there because of the scare tactics they used when I was in school. So to say did it work… I would say yes in a sense.

Although thinking back to when I was in high school I remember friends of mine would use Omegle, which is a site where you can webcam chat with people around the world. I thought it was a really cool premise when I was in school because most of the time you were connected with people your own age. But there were times when it became weird and things turned into what you didn’t expect to happen. The premise of being able to connect with anyone from across the world via webcam is a cool thing but it can be dangerous if you are not careful with what information you share with them or what you show. Not only that but there are people out there that can hack into your webcam and can access it at any time… which I think is really scary. The world we live in now with what people can do with a computer is mind-blowing. therefore, cyber safety needs to be a bigger role in schools especially at younger ages, because the age of children going online is becoming younger and younger. 

In a long way, I would say the scare tactics worked in the sense that they have made an ever-lasting fear in my mind about posting online and my cyber safety as an adult is smarter than it was when I was in high school. Although I don’t think it worked as well as they were hoping it would work because there were still people sharing videos with people around the world via Omegle. There has to be a better approach to teaching cyber safety. What are your thoughts? Do you think scare tactics work? Is there a better way?

Will Twitter Ever Rule the World…?

I just started using Twitter for this class and am still on the fence about it. I have always had a fear of posting online. It’s a very irrational fear but still fear. I have Facebook, and Instagram and I think the only posts I have ever made on there were pictures. I don’t think I even put a caption to my pictures. That being said being pushed outside of my comfort zone has been a great thing because I am able to do something that makes me uncomfortable which in turn helps me grow. 

In my future classroom, I have never thought about using Twitter as a tool in the classroom till this class. I want to teach younger grades so I don’t see myself actually using Twitter as a tool in the classroom. However, as a professional development tool, I see myself using it for my entire career. I have found many great people on Twitter to follow that post a lot of great tools for in the classroom. 

I find Twitter to be a useful tool because it is a way to connect with people around the world on various topics. Although, I am still reluctant on using Twitter. I have this irrational fear of sharing something I don’t mean to. I have always had this fear of all platforms of social media and sharing things. I have never shared something that I didn’t mean to share. However, I have seen horror stories of that happening to people. I think that is where the fear has come from. Although I am getting better at Tweeting every day. Still not quite there but working on it. I am feeling more comfortable Tweeting. 

The Next Big Thing in Balloon Animals…

This week I tried using a different source to learn how to make balloon animals. I used Tik Tok this week. I found quite a few videos on how to create different balloon animals. At the beginning of this journey, I started off making balloon animals that the children at work had asked me to make. I have officially finished making all the balloon animals for them, therefore, I had to choose other animals that I haven’t yet tried. So I scrolled through Tik Tok and decided to make a lion

Upon making the lion I ran into a struggle. I first watched the video to see how I would have to twist the balloon, I thought to myself this looks pretty easy! I was very wrong. There is one part of the lion where you have to make 6 consecutive bubbles all of the same size and then twist the balloon together at the end with the first balloon. When I first watched this video I thought it would be easy. However, trying to make 6 consecutive bubbles while having the first one not unravel is not easy. The first attempt was not a success, pretty much all the bubbles at the beginning of the row came undone. So I tried again, and the same thing happened. I then tried another 7 times to attempt this. I had to actually put the balloon down and walk away from it for a little bit before I attempted it the last time when it finally worked for me.

I found that what I initially thought was easy was not as easy as I thought it would be. When I finally came back to the balloon to try for the 10th time I finally achieved it! I had to hold the balloons in a certain way twisting them into my arm to hold onto them so they didn’t come unravelled. This finally worked and I continued onto the rest of the lion. The rest of the lion was basically the same twisting techniques that I have learned in the past with the leg making and the neck and body.

One other thing I learned this time was how to make a sort of curly tail. You take the balloon and shape it into an S shape and then squeeze it repeatedly and when you let go of the balloon it holds its shape and creates a sort of S-shaped curl. Once I finished making the lion I then grabbed a sharpie and made a cute little face on it and the lion was done.

This week I decided to make two different balloon animals. I made a dinosaur as well. This dinosaur was a one balloon creation. I have attempted dinosaurs in the past and they did not turn out so well. I had reservations about attempting this dinosaur this time.

The dinosaur turned out to have the same sequence of a number of small twists consecutively. I thought to myself about how difficult this would be and went at it with the same technique I used with the lion putting the bubbles I had already made into my arm to hold them together. This worked great. 

The dinosaur turned out to have the same kinds of bubble twisting as the lion with the feet and the same twists as the first dog which was my first balloon animal ever. The dinosaur was definitely easier to make than the lion was for sure.

I learned some new techniques this week on how to make consecutive bubbles without allowing them to fall apart while I make the rest of them. This is one thing I will be using in the future of my balloon creations.

Canva…It’s Not as Easy as It Looks!!

Well, I tried, and I sort of succeeded at making a video on Canva, by succeeded I mean there is a video that I created…is it good though that’s up for debate.

Let’s dive into the review first, I really enjoyed using Canva. For someone who is technically illiterate, it wasn’t too hard to navigate. There are many options as to choose from I chose to make a video. One of the downsides to the app is adding videos in. You have to record yourself in the Canva website to add a video, you can’t take a video from an outside source and add it in. That being said, I am not technical, therefore, there may be a way to do it I just couldn’t figure it out. That being said, that was the only downside to Canva. Like I said before it was easy to navigate. There are also great options for adding different text into the video that are pretty cool. There are many templates to choose from that are completely customizable. Overall Canva is a great tool to have and use. One thing I did not know and later realized by playing around with the website is that there is an app for Canva for my computer! Which I am now downloading. I will definitely be using this app in the future!

Now for the overview…there are many great features within Canva. One of them being how many options there are. There is an option for making a whiteboard, within the whiteboard option there is a basic plain whiteboard option as well as, brainstorming whiteboards, flowchart whiteboard, team whiteboard, and a planning whiteboard. These are all completely customizable. Another option there is the presentation option. Within this there are many options including a plain presentation that has two sizes, talking presentation, mobile-first presentation, and a brain storming presentation. Another option is the video making option which is the one I went with. There are also many options to making videos that include Facebook video, video message, mobile video, and YouTube video. Not only do they have multiple ways to create but they also have an option for social media. This includes a Facebook post, and an Instagram post. There are many more choices for social media but, if I listed them all this post would be way to long! That being said there are many many options for customizable creations.

With using the Canva it is pretty simple. The first thing you need to do is to choose what exactly you want to make. That being a presentation, a video, a Facebook post. Let’s say we choose to make a poster. You click on the poster template then on the left side there is an immense amount of customizable premade posters that you can choose from, however, if you want to create one from scratch that is also an option. Once you’ve created exactly what you want, you then can print poster which is an option on the top right upper corner. There is also an option to share your creation as well as copy the link to the Canva creation. These options are all on the top right corner of the website and app. There is one thing that you have to make sure you choose before copying the link. Once you click link you need to select whether you want the link accessible by anyone who has the link or just you. By selecting just, you, you are making it inaccessible to anyone else to see. Within the share option there is also an option to share to social media as well as to download your creation.

Tips and Tricks

One of the really cool things you can do with Canva is choose a font you want and customize it to whatever you would like it to say. Here is a screencast showing you how to do this. Another trick to using Canva is to add pre-made videos into your video which you can then place font on top of. This was something I played around with. Here is another screencast on how to do this. Another feature that Canva has is lengthening and shortening videos. For instance, if we use the feature of using premade videos into our video or presentation some of them are longer than others. If you don’t change the length of the section of the video, then it will be as long as the video that you posted into it. Here is the screencast on how to do this. I’m sure there are many other tricks to using Canva, however, I’ve never used it before, and these are the ones that helped me through making my video.

Now for the fun part, the actual video I created! My video now that I’m looking at is not necessarily progress of what I’ve learned so far because it is something that I have already learned to do, however, this is the one animal that I have recently learnt how to make by memory. Which is why I decided to use the balloon dog as my video. The video is a little dry as I did not know how to add sound to the video. Hopefully, the next time I use Canva I will be able to use sound with it.

If you’ve used Canva before and have other tips to using it please leave a comment and let me know. I want to get better at using this app as I think it will be very useful in my future classroom. I think it is a great tool for the classroom because there are many options to choose from. Whether you’re having your students create a poster for an assignment or a presentation or you want to show them a how to video as I have chosen to do. You can record yourself doing whatever you want to teach them and show them a video of it instead of standing in front of the classroom like you normally do. Yes, it is a lot of work, however, it is worth the work for the product you get out of it.